This Is Plastics: A Hockey Player Discovered A Career Path in Plastics


A Hockey Player Discovered A Career Path in Plastics

Ryan Erickson uses his passion for design every day in the plastics industry.


Ryan Erickson grew up playing hockey. As a goalie, he developed an appreciation for the hockey equipment he used every practice and game, all of it made from plastic. A desire to design sporting equipment led him to a career in the plastics industry.

A hockey lover turned tractor designer? That may not be who you would expect to find in a plastics career, but that is how Ryan Erickson found himself in this industry.

Ryan Erickson is a product design engineer at John Deere. He didn’t always know he wanted to work in the plastics industry, but his passion for designing equipment for his favorite sport, hockey, led him to materials engineering.  He uses his background in designing sports equipment to now design John Deere’s next generation of tractors.

Ryan looks forward to continuing to learn and navigate his journey through the industry. For those interested in a career with plastics, Ryan advises that the plastics industry “gives you a lot of opportunities in places you might not expect if you are prepared to dig for them.”

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