This Is Plastics: “Plastics and Manufacturing Involve the Products We Use Every Day”

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“Plastics and Manufacturing Involve the Products We Use Every Day”

Hillary sees a bright future in the plastics industry.


The FLiP Files: Hillary Coombs – Westminster Tool

For those who grow up in the plastics industry, some may feel inspired to try something new. But for Hillary Coombs, the vice president of Westminster Tool, she finds new and exciting opportunities regularly within plastics manufacturing.

When she was six years old, Hillary’s father began Westminster Tool, located in Plainfield, Connecticut, in their basement. Throughout the years, Hillary began to help out with the business and then, as the company grew, she began working at Westminster Tool during summer breaks.

Even with this hands-on experience in the plastics industry, Hillary did not see herself going into the family business when she was younger. As a teenager, she saw a future in the sleek and popular fitness industry. But as an adult- her first job with a chemical instrumentation company made her realize that “plastics and manufacturing are everything. It is in every product every person uses every day.”

The FLiP Files is a blog series spotlighting young professionals who are active in PLASTICS’ Future Leaders in Plastics (FLiP), a group for plastics professionals under the age of 40. For this FLiP File, we spoke with Hillary Coombs, vice president of Westminster Tool.  Read the entire FLiP File here.

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