This Is Plastics: Future of Plastics: Plastics Can Help Create a More Equitable World

Plastics 101

Plastics – The Sustainable Choice

Life Cycle Assessments demonstrate that plastic is the best material across many applications to reduce emissions outputs, reduce the use of water and energy and most efficiently use valuable resources. Not only do plastics provide these benefits, but recycling also ensures that these products can be reused, which creates a circular economy and protects our environment.

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How Are Plastics Made?

Manufacturing plastics is a complex process which starts with raw materials like natural gas, oil, or plants. Depending on the kind of plastic being created, the process can vary, but it relies on turning these raw materials into polymers.

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Myth vs. Fact

Plastics, and the benefits they bring to our everyday lives, aren’t always well-understood. Separate myths from facts when it comes to recycling, food packaging, health and safety, and other topics around plastic products.

Plastics by Application

There are hundreds of different types of plastic, and they’re specifically designed to have qualities that fit how they’re being used. Here’s a look at some of the different applications of plastics.