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Oversimplified Arguments and Selective Data Won’t Solve Plastic Waste

A recent article from the Atlantic uses selective evidence to criticize plastics without weighing the material’s many benefits.

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Paper on Plastics Sustainability Examines LCAs and Recycling

A new paper from Kenneth Green looks at life cycle assessments to determine the sustainability of plastics.

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Plastics 101:
Learn the Basics

Plastic is the world's most advanced, diverse material creating everyday conveniences, medical marvels, and cutting-edge technologies. Explore the truth about how this industry and its million-strong workforce create new solutions for today's challenges.

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Rethinking Recycling

Hefty® EnergyBag®

Citrus Heights, CA

OceanBound Plastic Program

Chico, CA

State-of-the-art MRF

Orlando, FL

Hefty® EnergyBag®

Cobb County, GA

Hefty® EnergyBag®

Boise, ID

Chicago Healthcare Plastics Recycling

Chicago, IL

Bag-2-Bag® Recycling

North Vernon, IN

Indiana Recycling Expansion

Connersville, IN

Waste Polystyrene as Feedstock

St. James, LA

New Recycling Technologies on Display

Ipswich, MA

Home for Foam

Mason, MI

NEMO for End of Life Vehicles

Flint, MI

Hefty® EnergyBag®

Omaha, NE

Hefty® EnergyBag®

Lincoln, NE

Better Recycling (and Biodegradability) through Additives

Amherst, NH

Circular Blu

Bradford, NH

OceanBound Plastic Program

Greensboro, NC

NEMO for End of Life Vehicles

Waverly, OH

Revolutionizing Polypropylene (PP) Recycling

Ironton, OH

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Recycling Project

Portland, OR

Recycled PS Monomer

Tigard, OR


Tigard, OR

Geomembrane Recycling

Portland, PA

Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF)

Birdsboro, PA

NEMO for End of Life Vehicles

Portland, PA

Scoring a Goal, Closing the Loop

Philadelphia, PA

Carbon Renewal Technology

Kingsport, TN

Tennessee Recycling Expansion

Morristown, TN

Bag-2-Bag® Recycling

Roanoke, TX

Plastic Asphalt

Freeport, TX

Pathway 21

Seattle, WA


Madison, WI

  • Modernizing Infrastructure

    Updating waste management infrastructure to collect and recycle more plastics.

  • Advancing Recycling Innovation

    Inventing new ways to generate value from used plastic.

  • Developing End Markets

    Connecting the demand for recycled plastics to the supply.

Rethinking Recycling

Companies are advocating for and improving recycling efforts across the US. Explore these exciting innovations and check back regularly to see what amazing new things are happening.

Active Initiatives

Explore Key Plastics Topics

Find articles, infographics and other resources to explore meaningful topics and stories about the power of plastics.

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act reintroduced with onerous regulation and job-killing provisions

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Recycling 101

Explore how traditional recycling, advanced recycling and energy recovery technologies create value from used plastics.

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BPA: Is It Safe?

Regulatory agencies around the globe agree that BPA does not pose concerns for human health, as it is currently used in contact with food.

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A New Dimension of Printing

3D printing is opening many possibilities to improve lives: physically, financially and more.

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“If Anything Surprised Me…It’s the Versatility.”

There’s no typical day at the office for Trevor Stornant.

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Change the Conversation

We’ve created a library of resources to help you change the conversation about plastics.

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